Jeannie Savage

When I joined the Wedding Industry I was fortunate enough to have an extensive hospitality resume. Now I am able to combine my previous experience and knowledge with what is pertinent to weddings TODAY.  Some of the Wedding Planning course material I purchased when first getting started was old literature, like books, that really didn’t provide anything on how to produce weddings in the 21st century. I believe that weddings have greatly evolved as many OLD traditions have been replaced by contemporary and exciting trends.

I am saddened when I hear brides say they feel it’s not necessary or a waste of money to hire a Coordinator, or that their girlfriend had a negative experience because her Coordinator was an inexperienced one.  I also hear feedback testimony from brides who did not hire one but regretfully wish they had. I truly believe that having a Wedding Coordinator is essential, just as important as having a photographer or hiring a florist.

We receive hundreds of resumes annually from people hoping to become an intern or wanting to learn more about wedding planning as a career. There are many wedding workshops out there but none that gives Coordinators REAL sample timelines and forms that are useful.  These documents are what we use on a daily basis, and they will be shared with you.  I created this course because I believe it will be invaluable to the growth of your business, and give you more confidence as a Wedding Coordinator.  As a more self-assured and informed coordinator, you will gain respect amongst your clients and vendors and ultimately make more money.  The kind of program we have created teaches information that can be used anywhere and is applicable to clients of every ethnicity and religion.

For those of you who are currently Coordinators, ask yourself… after you’ve completed servicing a wedding at a hotel or local venue, did they invite you to come back?  Did they appreciate what you did and hope that you work there again?

Other Coordinators often ask us what it takes to get on hotel referral lists, or what we do differently than our competition that makes us stand out as Coordinators.  All these questions and many more will be addressed at Coordinator Confab.

Join us and let’s raise the standards of wedding coordination as a whole, let’s support one another in this profession…as we all know, it is a complex and challenging one.  Photographers have hundreds of support systems and educational opportunities, why not Coordinators? Coordinator Confab is the resource to get answers to all your questions. Utilize our fresh ideas, years of experience, and tried and tested methods to take your business to the next level and beyond.

-Jeannie Savage, President of Details Details Inc.

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